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EAGLE ROCK LODGE - HALALA AFRICA Located only 35 km from Windhoek Namibia. SURROUNDED BY ROLLING HILLS AND "Africa Air“


Renowned African sunset and paradise for nature and birds lover...

Namibia Nature

See Namibia Nature in a new way.
EAGLE ROCK LODGE - HALALA AFRICA offers stunning views of the seemingly endless horizons of the Namibian Savannah and its renowned African sunsets...

Lodge Accommodation

EAGLE ROCK LODGE - HALALA AFRICA offers accommodation in spacious two-bed bungalows and double bed as well, large bathrooms. Crystal-clear pool, Unlimited WIFi, Child and Wheelchair Friendly, with friendly staff to look after each and every guest...

Halala Africa

Song from Johannes Kerkorrel
  • Holiday Accommodation

    Your Holiday Accommodation in Swakopmund Namibia

Dinning with us

We take pleasure to serve you: Early Morning Tea or Coffee with homemade cookies served as room-service, every morning homemade warm bread and rolls, many homemade products for Dinner, Lunch, Breakfast: jam, ice-cream, quark, meat from our own butcher, fruit and vegetable from our own garden.
Dinner at sunset and camel thorn wood-grilled steaks

Overwinter in Namibia

For overwintering, you have two options available to choose from for your comfort.

1 500 EURO

/month/per person

Conventional Double Room

Your first option is a conventional double-room, which is known as the Honeymoon Suite.
The room itself is spacious with a sizeable en-suite bathroom, and is situated a little way off the beaten track with its own private surrounds.
It offers enough space for the comfort of two people
Breakfast, Dinner,
Electricity, Water and Laundry Service.

110 EURO

/per day

Self-Catering Bungalow

The Bungalow is detached, and comprises a bedroom, a lounge, a kitchen, and a bathroom. The Bungalow opens on to an especially enchanting and large terrace, offering a spectacular view while enjoying relaxed evening sun-downers. The Self-catering Bungalow is available from:
N$ 1800 (110 EURO) per day; or N$ 7250 (420 EURO) per week; or N$ 14500 (800 EURO) per month.
Electricity, Water and Laundry Service.

Travel Impressions

Eagle Rock Lodge Namibia - Halala Africa What you can expect to see and experience in Namibia...

"Super beautiful, well done! If you are looking for a magical and romantic place then this is a great place to go! I’d recommend this to anyone who loves a good adventure!"
Amy Johnson
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Free cancellation on all reservations between 1st August 2021 and 31st October 2021